Embark on Your Immigration Journey: Explore Job Opportunities with Stafford and Immigration NZ

As a recognised Accredited Employer collaborating closely with Immigration NZ and proudly backed by a rich 25-year legacy in the realm of recruitment, Stafford extends a warm invitation to individuals seeking guidance along the intricate pathways of immigration jobs.

Stafford are dedicated to nurturing strong partnerships with businesses, with an overarching mission of ‘Empowering Successful Futures’. We are privileged to support candidates in making their New Zealand dream a reality.

Positioned as your local recruitment partner, Stafford’s comprehensive end-to-end service includes job assessment, job check processing, navigating New Zealand’s work visa requirements, facilitating visa applications, and offering pastoral support. This ensures that recently settled migrant workers are not only seamlessly integrated into their work environment but are also set up to succeed in their new life in New Zealand.

Our team includes a Licensed Immigration Adviser, merging their expertise with our extensive track record of recruitment success. This collaborative approach guarantees that the immigration journey is well-informed, work visa requirements are met and INZ processing times are accelerated.

Stafford navigates the broader Immigration landscape, encompassing INZ processing times, jobs in immigration, New Zealand work visa requirements, and the distinctive avenue of immigrant jobs in New Zealand. Whether you’re an aspiring candidate seeking an Accredited Employer Work Visa or an employer seeking an Immigration Accredited Employer, Stafford’s expertise leads you through this complex process.

Welcome to Stafford – your portal to a wealth of exciting work opportunities in beautiful New Zealand, where you can grow your career and enjoy a safe and relaxed lifestyle among breathtaking landscapes full of fun and adventure.

The Gateway to Your South Island Escapades

Timaru offers the ideal blend of tranquility and adventure. With stunning beaches, serene parks, and warm-hearted locals, this picturesque city is the perfect place to call home for your nursing career. Embrace a relaxed pace of life, where work seamlessly integrates with leisure. Modern amenities, excellent schools, and a range of recreational activities, from hiking and biking to water sports, make Timaru a haven for families and individuals alike

Timaru is strategically located at the heart of the South Island, granting you easy access to some of New Zealand’s most sought-after destinations. Check out the adventures that will be right on your doorstep here.