Temporary Staff

Stafford can supply Temporary staff as and when required which gives your business flexibility in managing staff levels and labour costs. If you have staff away sick or on holiday, an overload of work, in-between recruiting staff, casual, seasonal or project work, we can supply a Temp to fill the gap.

We have excellent Temporary staff available now who are seeking both short and long-term roles.

  • Employing staff
  • Employment Agreements
  • Processing of wages
  • PAYE
  • Holiday pay
  • Sick pay
  • ACC levies
  • Kiwisaver
  • Drug Screening
  • Criminal History Checks
  • ACC History Checks
  • Driver history check
  • Inductions

Permanent Staff

We are recruitment experts, so working in partnership with us, enables you to get on with your business.
We save Employers valuable time and money recruiting permanent staff for key roles within their teams.

Recruitment service options include:

  • Meeting with you and understanding your requirements.
  • Packages tailored to suit your business.
  • Writing / placing advertising.
  • Interviewing
  • Screening against key client criteria
  • Thorough background checks
  • MoJ checks
  • ACC checks
  • Other assessments as required.
  • Remote recruiting solutions in other regions.
  • Off shore recruitment options.

Induction and Training

New staff ready to go!!!

We can complete all or part of your induction and manage employment documents prior to workers starting with you.

  • Saves you time
  • Worker ready to go
  • Your Health and Safety compliance covered
  • Your Employment Agreement covered
  • Employment documents completed

Workplace Drug Screening

  • NZQA Accredited
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Post-accident / incident
  • Bulk drug screening
  • Available to screen at your work site

Be ‘AWESOME’ Workshop

Be ‘AWESOME’ Workshop
Interview preparation. Positive presentation. Body language.
Objective: Preparing for a job interview. Appropriate behaviour and presentation. What to wear for an interview and appropriate behaviour.


  • CV support / writing
  • Redundancy support / outplacement
  • Worker appraisals
  • Worker and Client surveys
  • HR support

Be ‘READY’ Workshop

CV and cover letter preparation
Objective: To be able to produce a personal targeted CV and cover letter.
Demonstrate knowledge of job search skills.